This unique new covert compass was inspired by the
various escape compasses developed during WWII and
issued to Allied airmen and commandos as part of their
escape & evasion kits. Unlike standard military compasses,
due to specialized requirements escape compasses were
mostly very small and of rudimentary design, had minimal
markings, and provided gross magnetic north indication.

Now - 75 years later - we've brought the escape compass
to a new level of covertness. It's completely unrecognizable
as a compass - it looks just like a US nickel. In fact, it
actually is one!

When suspended on a thread (there's a special thread
channel all around the coin's side), the "heads" side will
always indicate magnetic north!  You supply the thread, but
your clothing or nature are reliable sources if needed.  
Also available in a Euro coin version.
Covert Escape Compass
Hollow Spy Coins

Dead Drop Devices

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