Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When we say that our hollow coins are "Absolutely Indistinguishable" from a solid coin to the naked eye, we mean it! The seam where the two halves meet falls right along the rim of the coin, which effectively camouflages it.

The weight of a hollow coin may be noticeably less, especially in the smaller coins. Another difference is the "ring" tone that certain coins possess. Hollow coins do not possess this ring, and will have a dull thud sound when dropped onto a table top.

Yes. In the United States, the only stipulation in altering coins is that it cannot be done "fraudulently". In other words, it would be illegal to shave down a coin, sell the shavings for their base metal, and re-circulate the coin. All of our coins are intended to be permanently removed from general circulation. It may be, however, illegal in your country to posses a hollow coin. In recent communication with the EU, we have found it to be a very grey area as to whether our hollow coins are considered to be "Coins", "Trinkets", "Medals", "Counterfeit Coins", or none of the above. The EU did make it clear to us, however, that individual Member States have their own laws that may pertain to Hollow Spy Coins. Our policy is to leave the legality to the purchaser, and we will ship worldwide.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for a no-hassle refund. Furthermore, if at any time your coin fails to perform, we will gladly replace it at no cost. Simply email us, send it along in an envelope, and we will replace it with a new coin.

Unfortunately, all of the common Canadian coins have specific conditions that do not lend themselves to be transformed into hollow coins.

The Canadian $1 coin (Loonie) is not round, but instead is in the shape of a hendecagon, or an 11 sided polygon. This makes it impossible to properly hide the seam of the two pieces.

The Canadian $2 coin is a bi-metal coin with a pressed insert. Upon cutting the coin, the integrity where the two metals meet would be compromised.

The Canadian half dollar, quarter and nickel are made from either steel or pure nickel, coin and date dependent. Neither of these metals are easily lathe cut to the thin walls needed.

Yes, including most world coins. If you are traveling to a specific part of the world and require data storage security, we will try to match a coin to your itinerary. Besides coins, we also make custom concealments for most any sized object. Contact us with your requirements

The two pieces of our hollow coins are held together friction tight up to the point of them being safe from inadvertent opening...even when dropped onto the floor.

To open the coin, a special stepped aluminum opening ring is used, and is included with each coin sold. In operation, the coin is placed into the ring and then slapped onto a tabletop. The tail side of the coin will then separate and fall through the ring.

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