About Us

Since 1996, Dereu & Sons has been busy at work in our small, family run manufacturing business. Besides our line of hollow spy coins and dead drop devices, we dabble in contract manufacturing with small quantity, high quality precision machined items.

Our hollow coins are made right here, in-house, from genuine US and foreign coinage. As they can conceal a Micro-Sd memory card, they are capable of hiding and transporting vast amounts of data SECURELY and SECRETLY.  

It takes two whole coins to make one hollow coin; the first coin (the tail side) is cut down in both diameter and thickness, and includes the pocket. The head side coin is cut into a shell that accepts the tail piece, with the seam falling right along the raised rim, which effectively camouflages it. To open the coin, an included aluminum ring is used. With the ring, a four-year-old can open the coin, but without it, the coin would have to be destroyed with pliers to access its interior.